Ability Technology (Beijing) Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2006, is Nation Authorized High Tech Company. It’s Researchand Development Center is built in Heilongjiang Province.

In the past decade, Abilitytargeted the Chinese traditional industry, and has been focusing on the design,R&D, application and support of informatization and intellectualization.

(In the past decade, Ability hasbeen focusing on the design, R&D, application and customer support ofinformatization and intellectualization in the Chinese traditional industry.)The main products and services include: research and development of applicationsoftware, IoT related technology and products, and automation machinery.

The company built a dedicatedR&D team that covers electrocommunication, automation, software andmachinery. Also partner with China Mobile, universities, scientific researchinstitutions globally aim at long-term strategic cooperation. Which issupported and protected by more than 30 company-owned intellectual property,and 20 patents.

With persistent spirit inexploring the market in the past decade, Ability’s current product and serviceare built surround the core value - “Internet + Credit System”. Based on themain concept of industrial 4.0, integrated IoT, intellectual manufacturing andBig Data to achieve information digitalization, procedures atomization andsupervision intellectualization, in order to provide a comprehensive solutionsfor the Chinese traditional industries in cost efficiency, quality controlprocess and management intellectualization.